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2017-10-22 19:33:56 by PancakePocket

I did some Halloween Dubstep!! Check it out!! :)


2017-10-19 19:35:41 by PancakePocket

If you or a friend you know sre the ultmate Dubstep master, then participate in Sound Unity's "DUBSTEP WARS"


Sound Unity's "DUBSTEP WARS" is an annual event that revolves around a genre of music: Dubstep.


- Audio can be any electronic music genre
- Must be between 30 seconds and 6 minutes 
- Must state your resources (Vst plugins and what platform you created it in)
- Dubstep can be any dubstep (Riddim, Brostep, Melodic, Future Bass, Drumstep, Chipstep and Classic Dubstep)
- Collaborations are accepted, but we highly recommend that your submission is made on your own
- Must tag with #dubstepwars2k17



There will be three winners in total 


3rd place: Will be followed by Sound Unity and INFINITY 


2nd place: A signed "FOREVER UNITED" digital poster


1st place: Have their work promoted on all SU social media accounts 





This is my submission -

Feeling Sad?

2017-10-13 20:10:39 by PancakePocket

If you are feeling sad or blue check out my latest song, Happiness! -

Hopefully that will cheer you up!

Also, I would like to thank some of these people for making awesome music/art/games

@8-bitheroes @ADR3-N @Infinityofficial @MintyFreshThoughts @SailorMoonRocks01 @YaboiMatoi @Zelgeon

@F-777 @SpazeUnofficial @dj-Nate @demon1000 @Xtrullor @Waterflame @BurgeraX And @Noisymphony

Logo Change And Other News

2017-09-27 19:39:15 by PancakePocket

I decided to change my summer logo into a fall logo to celebrate fall! 

Speaking of fall The Halloween Spooktactular 2017 is going well for me, If I win the money for best audio all of the money will go to @SailorMoonRocks01 because she is struggling and looking for in a hospital for surgery.

(read more about that here

Also a HUGE shoutout for @Infinityofficial For her great music!


Hey Guys, Just a little Update!

A Halloween Rock song is coming up soon! :)

I plan on making this rock song my second entry for the Halloween Spooktactular 2017 

Make sure to follow me on social media!

SoundCloud -
YouTube - (Coming Soon)
Patreon -
Tumblr -
Discord -


2017-09-25 15:18:41 by PancakePocket

Hello Everyone! I am working with @SoundUnity To Promote YOUR music FOR FREE!!




What is Sound Unity? 

~Sound Unity is a small not for profit record label founded by Jeremiah and co-founded by INFINITY in hopes for aspiring artists to be heard and to better improve the artists for their future creations.


Sound Unity FAQ 

Is there a submission fee?

~No, since most aspiring artists are young or don't have a job, we decided to not require a submission fee.


How do I send my demo/promotion?

~You can send the demo to Sound Unity's official email ( )

~For promotions, you can send a PM to @SoundUnity (but please write "SU Promo" in the subject, or else we won't know what to do with the link)


Are there any requirements for the demos?


The demo must be at least 30 seconds long (but cannot exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds, this is a demo, not a full track)

Must be in WAV format

Must be fully mixed and mastered  (all record labels look for quality, not quantity)

Must have your producer name and the name of the track in the title of the demo (Ex. PancakePocketDemo-Lolis)

~You can submit up to three demos/promotions per week, if you exceed the limit, only the first third will be reviewed. The rest WILL BE DISCARDED.


Will my demo be guaranteed to show in Sound Unity?

~Sadly, no. 

As we listen and review every submission, we do not guarantee you that your demo will be chosen.


What will happen if my demo gets chosen?

~If your demo does get chosen, we will send you a email stating that your demo was chosen and then you will be asked to give SU permission to use your track. Then you will be asked if your full track is ready to release, if not, we will wait for the track.


How long does a submission take?

~Submissions can take up to a week due to the amount of submissions we get. So just be patient.


How "big" will I get if I sign into Sound Unity?

~The biggest you will get is through all our social media (SoundCloud,Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)


What services do you offer?

~We offer a variety of services at no cost* such as:

Mixing and Mastering (Done by INFINITY)
Audio rendering
Single, Ep or Album Cover work
Video work
Record releases 
Track promotions
Sound Design (FL studio +  FL mobile ONLY)


*due to our privacy policy, we are not able to give nor receive any money from any of our clients or anybody in general. This was made by INFINITY, so go say hi!

I am making a couple of songs for the 2017 Halloween Spooktacular! 

I already uploaded my first submission, I plan on doing more!

View the submission here -

I am rewatching Death Note! 

Death Note has always been a favorite of mine, and after 3 years since I watched it, I decided to watch it again! :)

Watching it at 

( Fuck KissAnime.. )

Making the soundtrack for another game!

2017-09-08 18:34:58 by PancakePocket

Sorry I have not been uploading a lot.. I have been working on the soundtrack for two games and that takes up a lot of time.. 

The first game is An Action Pixel Art RPG Game!! Be on the look out for an easter egg of my logo

Thanks @Lowres-NG for all his hard work -

[Beta/Alpha will be out soon]

The second game is pretty unique, It is your normal dating game but with action and the main character is a meme lover who smokes weed. 



I am making a couple of songs for the 2017 Halloween Spooktacular! 

I already uploaded my first submission, I plan on doing more!

View the submission here -